D1 Prototypes

Our aim here at Dickinson amps is to make beautiful, simple, great sounding, top quality valve equipment that’s built to last. Modern classics which are flexible and dynamic. We want everything we make to last for decades, be repairable if in years to come something does go wrong, and most importantly sound absolutely wonderful.

In a world where raw materials and energy are becoming more and more precious it seems crazy that we consume so many products that are built to a price not a spec, that often have a limited lifespan, aren’t repairable when they do break and that we then “recycle” using even more energy.

Since the 1950s and 60s many of the advances in musical equipment manufacture have been about reducing production costs; not improving sound and build quality. That’s part of the reason that a lot of equipment from this era is considered classic and still works beautifully.

We’re not gear snobs, far from it, it’s just that for us sound quality and build quality are fundamental. If we’re going to spend our time building valve equipment we’re going to make the best sounding, strongest, most beautiful things we can, real tools for musicians.