Leo Abrahams

Leo is an amazing musician and producer and a long time friend of Dickinson Amps. He has a rare metal fronted Dickinson guitar and an early D1 overdrive.



Skunk Anansie’s rifmaster Ace has an early D1 overdrive which he uses all the time when he’s in the studio. Check out his D1 review here.


Matt Bellamy

Matt has been using a Dickinson Mk II since early 2009. The amp featured heavily on the album The Resistance and since then Matt has been using Dickinson cabinets for on-stage monitering and to generate feedback.

Muse Official Website

The Brute Chorus

The  London four piece The Brute Chorus have one of the first amps we ever made; a little 5W 1×8 combo.


Jesse Budd

Jesse uses a Mk1 head, a 5W 1×8 combo and years ago we made him a very cool sitar-guitar. He uses them with his fantastic band Flipron.


Graeme Dalton

Crystal Palace local and very old friend Graeme has a 5W 1×8 combo which we built years ago. He uses it with his band The Lovebirds.


Jim Dare

Jim rocked out with a  Mk1 combo on a recent Brett Anderson tour. Always good to see one of our amps getting hammered on a big stage.

Chris Difford

Chris has been a customer of ours for a long time now and we’ve made and repaired all sorts of stuff for him. Chris has a 5W 1×8 combo, a D1 prototype and a metal fronted acoustic we made for him.


Melvin Duffy

Melvin is an increadabley talented multi instrumentalist and very nice bloke. He has a P1 which he’s using for guitar and trying out with his pedal steel.


Dennis Greaves

Nine Below Zero frontman and thoroughly nice bloke Dinnis Greaves poped on one day with Glenn Tilbrook and bought a P1 from us.


Paul Guerin

Paul is a Rock and Roll legend and uses a Mk1 combo live and in the studio with the Quireboys.


Tom Herbert

Tom plays bass in The Invisible as well as undertaking lots of session work. He uses a P1 pre amp live and in the studio.


Chris Hill

Chris is a great bass player and producer. He has a Mk1 combo and a P1 pre amp which he uses all the time on bass. We also made him a transformer box so he can use the P1 as a mic pre.


Steve Jones

Steve can play nearly anything and as well as producing his own music has recently toured with Air and Bryan Ferry. If that wasnt enough, he has also made this beautiful website for us. Steve has a P1 which he uses on everything he can stick though it.


John Lunn

John writes and produces beautiful music for film and TV. He has a couple of early prototype overdrive pedals and a P1 which he uses in his studio.


Barnaby Maddick

Dickinson amps very own Barnaby Maddick. Not only can Barnaby wire a very tidy amp, he’s a great guitarist, singer and songwriter. Barnaby uses a D1 live and in the studio with his band Messenger.


Ron McElroy

Ron has been a long time Dickinson amp test driver and stunt pilot. He has a very rare Mk1 head and an early overrive pedal which he uses in his band Wheels Of Fortune.


Anthony Phillips

A founding member of Genesis, Anthony now writes for TV and films as well as recording his own material. Anthony uses a 5W 1×8 combo and an early D1 to record guitar parts.


Richie Sambora

Richie is big friends with our friends at the New Kings road Vintage Guitar EmporiumThey gave him a D1 to try out, he loved it and still has it.


Paul Stacey

Paul was a massive help with speaker tests and final tweaks to the 2×12 Mk2 combo.


Glenn Tilbrook

We’ve done loads of repair work for Glenn over the last few years and he’s always been keen to try out the things we make. Glenn has a MkII combo and a P1 pre amp which we made a transformer box for so he can use it as a mic pre.


Danny Wilson

Danny has a Dickinson 20W prototype and an early D1 overdrive pedal which he has uses with his band Danny and the Champions of the World.


Shangri-La Studios

Shangri-La Studios are big Dickinson amp fans, they have a couple of Mk1 combos, a couple of 5W 1×8 combos and a rare 1×12 Mk1 combo.


Pat West

Pat has a prototype 15W 1x10combo. It’s the second amp we ever made and has an aluminium baffle and rather tasteful blue leather covering.