Valve Mic up and Running


Got our valve mic up and running today. Sounding really good straight off. No hum, no hiss, nice and valvey.

Online Shop Live

At long last we’ve got an online shop. We’ve got the booster up now and we’ll have more going up in the next few weeks. Have a look at…  

Tone Report Boost Pedal Review.

The people down at Tone Report Weekly have just reviewed our new booster pedal. Check it out here:

Squeeze touring with D1s, P1s and a MkII.

We’re really very proud. Our good friends Squeeze are on tour with a load of stuff we made. Chris is using a D1 prototype, Glenn’s got a P1 / MkII combo and not to be left out we just delivered Melvin Duffy a P1. Hope you have a great tour!