The P1 is an incredibly versatile tool for guitar, bass, keys and acoustic instruments. Equally at home on stage or in the studio, it adds direct, dynamic valve whilst retaining the quality of your core sound.

PRE AMP STORYThe Dickinson P1 Pre amp is designed to allow you to use it as an instrument pre-amp and DI, line level pre-amp and EQ and instrument to line level loop or line to instrument level valve buffered loop. Whether you use it live or in the studio the P1 is an incredibly versatile tool adding direct, dynamic valve whilst retaining the quality of your core sound and allowing you to connect to whatever you need to.

As an instrument pre-amp the P1 adds depth and breath to your sound and works equally well with guitar, bass, keys and acoustic instruments to give you valve drive and switchable EQ and also has line out to go straight to desk.

When used as a line pre-amp you can take a track, group or even a whole mix and add beautiful valve warmth and compression. The EQ is switchable and flat when the knobs are in the 12o’clock position.

In loop mode the pedal can be used to take line level from a desk and put it through any guitar pedal / processor then back through the pre-amp to line level, adding valve and EQ if required. The unit can also be used to drop line level to instrument level for re‚Äďamping and to run a line level processor at guitar / bass levels.

The pedal features a grained stainless steel enclosure with etched lettering, knobs milled from billet aluminium, stainless steel fasteners throughout and stainless steel roll bars to protect the valves.

The hand wired, point to point all valve circuit uses over-spec electronic components on a G10 turret board to ensure a long and reliable life. The circuit runs with true HT @ 250 volts and DC heaters to minimise noise.

The pedal is supplied with a power supply and a padded canvas gig bag.


Grained stainless steel with stainless fasteners
Milled from billett aluminium
ECC83 x 2 as standard, can use ECC81 or 12AY7
On / Bypass, EQ on / off, Boost on / off
Gain, Bass, Treble, Output
Operating modes
Instrument through, Line through, Instrument to line / Line to instrument loop
Power supply
12VAC 1 Amp (included)
250 volts DC
100mm (H) x 200mm (W) x 170mm (D)
Padded canvas gig bag (included)

Chris Hill and the P1

Building on the success of our Mk I, the Mk II has incredible clarity, transparency and headroom even when pushed into saturated distortion.
Full range, tonally pure, beautifully compressed valve overdrive and distortion whilst maintaining the integrity of your guitar and amp sound.
A smooth, clean boost to push the front of your valve amp. We have a few boosts from the current run still available, if you'd like one please drop us a line.